Monday, November 28, 2011

Paul Washer Video Download

So to celebrate Crown Rights being a full time operation I am placing the Paul Washer video on the internet available to be downloaded. Please only download once as I believe it can only be downloaded a certain amount of times per day. There is no cost to download the file and is freely available for distribution. All I ask if that you do not repost to any online video websites.

If you like the work were doing at Crown Rights Media and want to see more know that you can always make a donation by clicking here:


  1. Hello, i would ask you if i could post this video with subtitles on youtube and maybe on facebook, please respond i wont post it if you dont want.
    And thanks for making it free to download.

    I would add credits and link to youre website and video.

  2. Mitja, the video is already posted on YouTube.

  3. Thanks for reply, i know that, thats where i found it but i meant to post it with Slovenian subtitles so those who dont understand english could uderstand it.

    Would that be good ?

  4. Thank you for your ministry and the videos. I found your site through the HeartCry Vimeo page. The street-preaching profiles have be a blessing and encouragement to me. May God bless your work.