The Mission of Crown Rights Media is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by creating high quality productions centered on building, restoring and establishing a Christ centered world view in all areas of life.

The Vision of Crown Rights Media is to create films that so thoroughly and exhaustively magnify the glory of Christ in such a way the nations repent and come under His authority.

Our Values
Christ is the creator of creativity and thereby our source of all creative inspiration.

  • Because Christ is the standard of all creative inspiration and vision and those who look to the world for inspiration will always be imitators, we desire for the world to see our films and see the creative glories of Jesus Christ, the creator of all things. Therefore we refuse to imitate culture, but seek to have culture imitate us.

  • Christ is high and lofty, worthy of all honor and praise, he does not need our films to lift him up as he is already seated above all.  Therefore we do not drag Christ through the muddy expectations of culture, but lift culture up out of the mud, to the throne of Christ. Christ has ascended; to drag him down to the world’s expectations would require dethroning him and removing his rightful crowns.

  • We desire to be unique, not just imitators of other Christian production companies, but we are not in competition with each other, instead Crown Rights Media and other Christian production companies are partners together in the Glory of God.