How did this whole thing start?

For the longest time, even when I was a false convert, I had a desire to have a video production ministry.  The Lord seemed to bless my pursuit and placed me into real world video production jobs. My first job doing video was at a summer camp and the stuff I made was horrific. Seriously, I wouldn’t show it to anyone. With less than a shoe string budget I tied a friend to the camps gymnasium basketball hoop and set up a green piece of cloth behind him I got at Wal-mart and made him fly. It was hideous. However, somehow by the Grace of God, in my pride and arrogance I thought it was good enough to get a job at a real TV Station. So I applied to work for a local public school propaganda station and it was no shock that I did not get the job I applied for.  What was surprising is I did get hired as an intern.  The station manager was a Christian and thought the work I did with zero dollar budget showed creativity and he wanted to help me pursue my video production goals.

With a terrible demo-reel, no professional video production skills and no formal education the Lord lifted me into a position of professional video production. I learned all the basics of video production from doing live on the spot interviews, shooting B-Roll and all areas of pre and post production. For a low budget, government funded public school station, it was run like a machine. It was the perfect job. That was until the school budget shrunk and I was asked to stay on…as an unpaid intern.

Being unable to afford the offer I pursued many video production jobs in my hometown only to discover a few things.

All of my work at the TV station was amateur. Even though the work I did was more professional than the camp reels, it was still learning none the less. A one year internship did not leave me with a solid reel that could get me a job and the lack of education didn't help either. Within a few weeks of finally being allowed to do things on my own at the TV station, my one year internship was over.  All though I was allowed to take my work with me to pursue future jobs, nothing I had was very impressive.

So for the next few years, I was on my own. Doing freelance graphic design, wedding videos and photography; not to mention website design and animation, all the while I was actively involved in evangelism and growing in the Lord while working normal jobs like selling cellular phones in a mall.

During this time I have grown in my knowledge of Christ, have had my freelance work critiqued, perfected my skills, studied documentaries and recently I have been approved to be a YouTube Partner allowing my videos to be promoted and advertised on YouTube as well as YouTube allowing me to upload videos with no time restrictions.  

Most importantly, somehow through all of this, I was given a sub-contractor position to work at Wretched TV with Todd Friel. Here I did everything from editing to graphic design but most importantly I learned the business ins and outs.

I am convinced that the Lord has used this time of growth to instill in me a direction for Crown Rights. Allowing me to work in the secular world, to learn how a foundational truth, the Crown Rights of Christ should be restored to all areas of life and never taken away. Through the entire process, Christ never took away the desire He first gave me at camp several years ago.

So I ask you to pray for me as I move into this new direction and seek to Glorify Christ in the area of video production. I have an intense desire to take captive the pagan film practices of the world, and that the world will look to Christ centered films as their standard for creativity. Not the other way around.

If Gods leading you to help us in areas besides prayer please contact me directly that I might be able to explain in further detail our needs.

May Christ be Glorified, and The King's many crowns restored!
Marcus Pittman